CBS International celebrated its fifth anniversary of successful business operations in Croatia.

Cushman & Wakefield CBS International  Croatia proudly marked five years of outstanding business in the Croatian market. The celebration took place in the formal atmosphere of the French Pavilion at the Student Center, gathering key participants from the Croatian real estate market, as well as the financial and business communities.

As a leader in the real estate market, Cushman & Wakefield CBS International continues to maintain its leading position in the real estate and business consulting sector. The company consistently provides diverse consulting and mediation services for the sale and lease of commercial properties, strategic consulting, as well as real estate and project management.

Throughout five years of operation, the company has remained dedicated to delivering high-quality services to its clients, simultaneously engaging in community support and fostering creative initiatives that connect different sectors of society. By celebrating its fifth anniversary, Cushman & Wakefield CBS International expresses gratitude to all partners, collaborators, and the community for the support that has been crucial to its development over the past five years.

With a strong team and dedicated goals, the company looks towards the future with optimism, ready to adapt to the dynamic challenges of the market. As part of the celebration, visitors had the opportunity to explore the exhibition “Young Sculptors of Zagreb,” highlighting the importance of art as an integral part of the business world and supporting the talented young generation of artists.

Cushman & Wakefield CBS International remains committed to providing excellent services and will continue to build bridges between business success and social responsibility, thereby shaping an even more successful future in the Croatian real estate market.